It all started in a small shop, 12 square meters to be exact, and with one name that was chosen in a hurry: “Mipaam” (from way back then in Hebrew).

From its modest beginnings, Bluma Mae has become trendsetter for all things vintage for the home in Israel.  From initially focusing on  Israeli vintage, we expanded, becoming  an import, design, and restoration hub that has garnered recognition throughout the country as a leading source of vintage for the home.   The unique Bluma Mae touch has become our hallmark.

Vintage and antique pieces undergo clever and surprising twists through refinishing and restoring, adding color, combining old with new, and by using and repurposing eclectic items, Suddenly, the Parisian closet gets a touch of the Levant and the table from London  doesn’t yet know how beautiful it will be after the makeover that awaits it.

It was the expansion of our products and services that led us to rename our brand “Bluma Mae.” Bluma was my former business partner Einat’s grandmother; Mae was my grandmother. My legendary grandmother! Her Brooklyn home was filled with amazing vintage furniture she had bought at flea markets and thrift stores. Grandma Mae was never about simply acquiring objects, she was intrigued by the  full experience: the search, the anticipation, the excitement. It didn’t matter if the items weren’t perfect. She actually liked that you could see the age, patina, and former use of a piece. It was the “behind-the-scenes” story that intrigued her.

Like most interesting things in life, Bluma Mae can’t be defined in one sentence. It’s one of those stores that, as soon as you enter, you realize it’s special.

The Bluma Mae philosophy is like Grandma Mae.  We’re all about the character – the little flaws, signs of age and the history, because that’s where we believe true beauty lies: Perfectly Imperfect.

We hope you’ll enjoy our website and get to know us a little better. For the full experience, hop in your car and visit us in person, in a place where time never stands still. Come, we’re waiting for you.

Gaby and the Bluma Mae staff.